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White Rock Moving

White Rock Movers is an established full service moving company that’s well-known for its ability to receive all of your possessions moved fast and economically. They have a fleet of moving trucks to choose from, plus they give a full line of moving equipment to make the transfer a breeze. The staff of White Rock Movers is friendly and personable, always prepared to discuss any concerns or questions you might have about the transportation of your belongings. They take care of all the details in order for your relocation can be stress-free.

If you are moving to lower mainland or from White Rock, we recommend hiring specialist White Rock Movers. White Rock Movers are mindful of all the details that are essential for packaging and moving to or from White Rock. White Rock moving also understand the importance of packaging fragile items properly. White Rock moving services offer a full selection of packing supplies for the move, moving trucks, trucks, vans, and cars in White Rock. All their products are made with premium quality materials and designs to guarantee the safety and well being of your belongings. White rock moving provides various relocation services to their clients. White Rock team can pack your items in their own specially designed moving boxes so that you don’t have to worry about getting the boxes into the right sized truck. 

White Rock moving services are available by both full-service and self-service moving. Full-service moving will provide you with specialist truck solutions while self-service moving will handle all of the mincing and trimming of your belongings. Both expert movers in White Rock BC can give you several services to make your move easy and stress-free.

  Professional White Rock Movers  is equipped with moving tape, boxes, packing supplies, and much more. White Rock Movers provide the highest quality packing supplies for moving your belongings from or in  lower mainland to White Rock British Columbia. They also offer various services like packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, re-arranging, and storage. You are able to call up experienced movers in White Rock BC and have a quote on the charges.

A professional White rock moving companies will use innovative packing supplies for moving your belongings from lower mainland to White Rock or vice versa. It’s wise that the full service or self-service moving firm uses packing supplies offered from the movers in White Rock to prevent any damage to your belongings during the transfer.  If you want to decrease the moving price, you can package the moving supplies yourself. But it would be better if it is possible to avail the skilled services of White rock moving services since they may pack, load and unload your belongings for a commission.

If you wonder how long the moving procedure will take from the time of the first contact until the packaged boxes arrive at the new destination. Usually, the regional moves take about a week from the time of the first contact until the packed boxes are obtained at the new location. Some move firms provide free quotes for local transfers. You can get in touch with them and get info regarding their moving rates. You must always ask for the comprehensive moving strategy to know about the time required by the regional movers in White rock for the relocation.

White rock moving, supply a free in-home estimate for any of the clients. You can provide a free quote form to them and ask for a quotation. The free quote form will be able to help you in assessing the prices of different moving companies and picking the lowest-priced . You can compare the costs of different moving companies online. The quotation form is available online and you can fill the same and submit it online.


British Columbia’s No.1 Moving Company

White Rock Movers and Storage, now offering moving and storage service to residents of White Rock BC. They’ve grown into one of the very best businesses in the area and have been around since 1974. They’ve kept the exact same name for this business, but have recently re-furbished their construction and adding new offices to their stable of services. With many satisfied clients that enjoy the convenience of their place and the dependable moving services, storage, and delivery services they provide.

The business has a complete services, offering several kinds of moving services; residence relocation, commercial and office relocation, local moving, long-distance moves, and storage and removals. They also have piano movers. With a full staff of professional movers available to assist with any move you will require, you will not be disappointed with their level of moving expertise and customer service. They’ve become one of the very best moving companies in the region and are rated among the top moving companies in lower mainland and all over British Columbia.

The White Rock Movers continues to expand with services which accommodate both individuals and companies, and provide their clients lots of flexibility in regards to the quantity of packaging, and also the time spent moving your possessions. The packaging can take as little time as one day, or as long as a month. White Rock team are offered throughout the whole period of the transferring process to be sure they are ready to help when it’s time to pack up your possessions. When the time comes, you can have the complete moving professionals team in your location, ready to assist you with your next home-based business adventure.

Moving can be stressful, and some other stressful situation can turn even more difficult with the right moving company on your side. White Rock movers priority is making sure that you’re satisfied with the support they provide, so whether moving into a new home or just looking to relocate, the movers are ready, willing, and able to satisfy your needs. The seasoned staff of white rock movers are delighted to answer any questions that you may have about the moving services and will treat you like a VIP. The degree of support given by these professionals is their priority and will leave you feeling totally satisfied with their work.

For most people, packing up and moving may turn into one of the toughest parts of the entire relocation procedure. The White Rock movers in British Columbia understand this and try to make moving a fun and worry-free experience. The experienced White Rock team is available to help with every feature of the packing process, ensuring that you’re comfortable from the time the truck arrives until it is time to unpack and setup. They give various procedures of transportation, including but not limited to, road services, air services, and storage services.



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Piano moving

We can move any kind of piano or other large item.

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Commercial move

We can help you with any commercial or industrial moves.

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Furniture Movers

We are expert for movinf any kind of furnitures.

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We can help for any students moving requirements.

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Long Distance Moving

We do Long Distance Transfer across Canada

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Storage Services

We Offert s affordable storage Solution in Whiterock

Safe Moving During Covid-19

Dear Valued Clients,

With growing global concerns around COVID-19 (“coronavirus”), We at White Rock Moving want to provide you with an update on our Operations and our commitment to you moving forward. The health, safety and well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority and we are continuously monitoring the Canadian public health authorities and recommend you visit the site to stay up to date.