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Affordable Moving Services in White Rock

Affordable Local Movers in White Rock

Local Moving

Qualities to Look for in the Best Moving Company in White Rock As you plan to move from one area to the other in White Rock,

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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving Services in White Rock, BC Our Long Distance Movers in White Rock Move Families Across Canada As a long-standing White Rock Affordable

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Affordable Piano Moving in White Rock

Piano Moving

White Rock piano movers Your White Rock piano mover should be taken care if you want your loved instrument to be carried securely to its

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How White Rock Movers Works ?

We understand that moving can be costly and along with every move there is a story, good or bad! At White Rock Movers, we offer over 100 years of packing, moving and storage experience within The Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We make moving affordable when our experience shows by your move taking less time and giving you more time to enjoy your new home!

White Rock Movers Price for 2020

The Small Move

1 Mover With a 16' Truck
$ 96 per Hour
  • No annoying hidden fees or extra cost, What you see is what you pay! Everything is included (from basic insurance, shrink wrap, blankets, tape, Dolly, etc...) except for fuel, which we charge based on the mileage driven.
  • For Each Additional Mover - $48/Hour

The Small Move

2 Movers With a 16' Truck
$ 144 Per Hour
  • No annoying hidden fees or extra cost, What you see is what you pay! Everything is included (from basic insurance, shrink wrap, blankets, tape, Dolly, etc...) except for fuel, which we charge based on the mileage driven.
  • For Each Additional Mover - $48/Hour

The Small Move

3 Movers With a 16' Truck
$ 192 Per Hour
  • No annoying hidden fees or extra cost, What you see is what you pay! Everything is included (from basic insurance, shrink wrap, blankets, tape, Dolly, etc...) except for fuel, which we charge based on the mileage driven.
  • For Each Additional Mover - $48/Hour

Personalized  friendly Services For Every Type of Move in White Rock

White Rock Movers understands that not all moves require the same amount of experience and expertise. That is why we offer specialty moving services, as well as white glove moving services. In our 100 years of experience in the moving industry in British Columbia we learned how to safely move a large variety of items. These items, ranging from pianos, Upright Piano, Baby Grand Piano, Grand Piano, safes, large aquarium, antique Furniture, fine art, and much more, all require special packaging and need to be handle with care.

Affordable Local Movers in White Rock White

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

White Rock Movers understand that finding a good moving company can be a difficult process in Fraser Valley. An exceptional local Mover can be impossible to find. Even when dealing with a couple boxes to move a couple blocks, the stress can go up drastically fast just by trying to coordinate everything by yourself. Exact same thing is even worse for long distance moves. That’s why White Rock Movers strive to set ourselves apart from other local moving companies in White Rock.

White Rock Movers Is Reliable Relocation Experts

You Move from White Rock can be stressful and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be if you hire the right service. You Move From White Rock is an excellent professional moving company on White Rock’s North Shore who can help you with a safe and stress-free move.

When you require an experienced team to assist you with your move, White Rock movers can help! offer a wide range of services to make a smooth move for you.

If you’re moving into a new house or office, this business will get you there in style and make your moving process as stress free as possible. White rock movers will pick you up in a safe and secure vehicle and transport you and your belongings to the new home or office. They will then pack your belongings securely and arrange for storage for you until they arrive at their new location.

Whether your moving to a new home or office space, or are moving between two homes, White rock movers can help. From moving vans to flatbed trucks, you can rely on them when relocating. You can also expect that your belongings will be well-packaged and secured during transit. These companies take pride in their equipment and knowledge of the ins and outs of the moving industry and will take the extra time and expense to insure your possessions while transporting them.

With office space on the rise, offices need to be more mobile offices mean more business for business owners. You can count on White Rock mover services to transport you and your office equipment to the new location to keep your business thriving.

When it comes time to relocate to new office space, White rock movers will assist you in picking out your new office space and moving your belongings and equipment into your new home or office. They’ll pack all your supplies, furniture, and office equipment and transport it safely and securely to your new location so you can begin working in your new office in a new place you’ve worked in for years.

If you’re moving to a new residence, residential properties can pose a challenge for movers. The residential market is much smaller and there are limited parking spaces, many times you will not be able to leave your property in the same manner you would if you were moving to a condo or townhouse. If you’re relocating to a condo or townhouse, White rock movers can help!

Residential properties often have smaller yards, which means the load will be spread over a larger area. Even though residential properties can be larger, movers know their way around the city well and can offer a reliable service for those who prefer not having to worry about their property. For large residential property such as condos or townhouses, these professionals will offer the ability to leave you with a safe and secure move with a professional, safe move! In the event of a fire, theft, vandalism or natural disaster, you’ll feel confident that your property is protected by professionals ready and able to offer you advice and assistance to ensure you feel safe and secure.

For those who are moving from a city to another, White Rock mover services have experience and can move your belongings with ease and safety. Many city dwellers are accustomed to living in the big city and don’t appreciate moving. White rock movers understand the lifestyle of city dwellers and have a wide variety of movers that can move your belongings from one location to the next. Whether you’re relocating your items from a college dorm to a condo, or townhouse, or even a house to a home, White rock movers have the ability to fit your belongings in and out. With their extensive experience and skill, they know how to safely pack and move your possessions without breaking the bank.

When relocating to a new home or apartment, you’ll find that there are limits to what can be moved and this limits your choice of items that can be moved. There may be items that you’d like to have in your new home, but cannot live within it due to size or weight or space. In order to keep your possessions out of your new home or apartment, they will offer you a selection that will allow you to safely store your items while still leaving room for you to maintain control of them.

Many people want a large piece of furniture or an extremely heavy piece of furniture for their apartment, but have no idea how to take it with them. You can have your items taken from your home while you’re away and then have it transported to your new home. No one wants to miss any of the memories or enjoyment of their belongings, and you can use the services of White Rock movers to make your move as smooth and easy as possible for both parties